Postoperative Quality of Recovery Scale

Quality of recovery following surgery & anaesthesia is of vital importance to improving patient outcome & clinical practice.

CE Mark

PostopQRS™ is a digital measurement tool, aka an electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessment (eCOA) solution that is CE Marked as a Class 1 Medical Device within the UK and Europe to assess multiple domains of post-operative recovery over time.

Pricing and User Fees

(Updated January 2022)

PostopQRS Ltd asks Users to first request a licence to use the toolthrough the Clinical Outcomes team at Oxford University Innovation, should theywish to administer more than 5 assessments. They can then register via the Website and accept Terms and Conditions so they can access the PostopQRS Digital tool and itsservices.

For the benefit of our Users, we can currently charge in: 

·      US Dollars $

·      UK Sterling £

·      European Euros 


​We charge £5.00 or its equivalentin other currencies (net of currency exchange charges) per single use of theassessment tool. 

User Fee Example

We give Users running new studies 5 free sample uses of the PostopQRS™ digitalassessment tool so that they may familiarise themselves with using theinstrument before deciding to take a licence.The following simple examplehighlights a study assessing 100 patients, using the tool 4 times per patient.The resulting charges would be:

1.    A new evaluation of 100 patients usingthe PostopQRS™ digital service, at a rate of 4 assessments per patient, wouldrequire 400 administrations of the PostopQRS™ tool.

2.    At £5.00 per questionnaire, 400administrations of the questionnaire would come to a total cost of £2000.00. (100patients x 4 uses per patient x £5.00 per questionnaire = £2,000.00)

3.    Extensions or continuations to eachinitiated study, would be billed at £5.00 per additional questionnaire used.

Assistance with Study Set Up andData Analysis

The PostopQRS Ltd ScientificAdvisory Board  offers a chargeableconsultancy service to helpset studies up, train and provide advice on data analysis to registered users.Please contact the Clinical Outcomes at Oxford UniversityInnovation via with yourenquiry so a telephone call can be arranged to discuss your needs. 

Translation Validation Group Membership

If you are part of any new or previous Translation Validation Group pls contact Tariq Osman at PostopQRS Ltd at to validate your annual membership and to organise your study permissions.

At PostopQRS Ltd discretion, we can offer discounts to non-funded academic or non-funded hospital research studies on application. We will need proof that the study is not subject to any commercial or other forms of grant funding.